WRRA Regionals 2019

Tillsonburg and our surrounding communities will play host to the Western Region Ringette Association (WRRA) 2019 Regional Tournament !

Mark your calendar : March 29th, 30th, and 31st, 2019.


Our Regional Teams consist of:

Chatham, Dorchester, Elora-Fergus, Exeter/Seaforth, Forest, Goderich, Guelph, Hanover, Kitchener, London, Mitchel, Owen Sound, St. Clements, St. Marys, St. Thomas, Tillsonburg, Waterloo, Wellington North, Woolwich

We will be utilizing Tillsonburg Arena as Host Central, as well as Ice Pads in Aylmer, Delhi, Langton, Simcoe, and Thamesford.


CLICK HERE for the Coach's information booklet.


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By the Numbers:

85 Teams

1050+ Players

450+ bench Staff

50+ Ice Officials

50+ Time/Score Keepers & Shot Clock Operators

10-15 Vendors

50+ Sponsors


2000+ Parents, Relatives, Visitors

8 Ice Pads


Here is a copy of the Game Schedule as of 25Mar2019.

Visit Score2Stats link here and click on Full Schedule to see the live version in case of any last minute changes.

Friday Games:

U10Y Chatham U9 Mitchell U9 8:00 TL-Kinsmen
U09B Waterloo Guelph 8:15 TL-Comm
U10RB London - R Forest - S 9:00 TL-Kinsmen
U14R London Dorchester 9:15 TL-Comm
U10G Dorchester Guelph 10:00 TL-Kinsmen
U12B London - P London - S 10:15 TL-Comm
U12R Dorchester St Thomas 11:00 TL-Kinsmen
U16G Dorchester Tillsonburg 11:15 TL-Comm
U12G Mitchell/Seaforth Goderich 12:00 TL-Kinsmen
U09B St Thomas Waterloo 12:15 TL-Comm
U16B Goderich Hanover 13:00 TL-Kinsmen
U14R St Thomas Dorchester 13:15 TL-Comm
U10G Forest - B Dorchester 14:00 TL-Kinsmen
U14R Kitchener - M London 14:15 TL-Comm
U12R Forest Dorchester 15:00 TL-Kinsmen
U14BP Elora Fergus Mitchell 15:15 TL-Comm
U12R Guelph St Thomas 16:00 TL-Kinsmen
U19R Forest Owen Sound 16:15 TL-Comm
U12G Waterloo St Mary's 17:00 TL-Kinsmen
U16G Tillsonburg Elora Fergus 17:15 TL-Comm
U16R London St Thomas 18:00 TL-Kinsmen
U16G Dorchester Waterloo 18:15 TL-Comm
U16R Forest Kitchener 19:00 TL-Kinsmen


Saturday Games:

U08R St Marys - W Forest - B 8:00 TL-Kinsmen
U12R Dorchester Guelph 8:15 TL-Comm
U08B Kitchener Guelph 9:00 TL-Kinsmen
U12R St Thomas Forest 9:15 TL-Comm
U14R Dorchester Kitchener - M 10:15 TL-Comm
U09B Dorchester St Thomas 11:15 TL-Comm
U08G Chatham St Marys -S 12:15 TL-Comm
U08R Forest - B Forest - W 13:15 TL-Comm
U16B Seaforth/Mitchell St Marys 14:00 TL-Kinsmen
U08R Goderich St Marys - W 14:15 TL-Comm
U16B Hanover Chatham 15:00 TL-Kinsmen
U10Y Goderich Chatham U9 15:15 TL-Comm
U14BP Mitchell St Marys 16:00 TL-Kinsmen
U12G Mitchell/Seaforth Waterloo 16:15 TL-Comm
U14BP Guelph Elora Fergus 17:00 TL-Kinsmen
U14G Forest Waterloo 17:15 TL-Comm
U19B London - K Goderich 18:00 TL-Kinsmen
U19B London - J Mitchell 18:15 TL-Comm
U16R St Thomas Forest 19:00 TL-Kinsmen
U16R London Kitchener 19:15 TL-Comm


Sunday Games:

U09B U9P-4th U9P-3rd 8:00 TL-Kinsmen
U12R U12R-4th U12R-3rd 8:15 TL-Comm
U10R U10R-3rd U10R-2nd 9:10 TL-Kinsmen
U12R U12R-2nd U12R-1st 9:25 TL-Comm
U10Y U10Y-4th U10Y-3rd 10:20 TL-Kinsmen
U19R U19R-4th U19R-3rd 10:35 TL-Comm
U14G U14G-4th U14G-3rd 11:30 TL-Kinsmen
U19R U19R-2nd U19R-1st 11:45 TL-Comm
U12G U12G-4th U12G-3rd 12:40 TL-Kinsmen
U12G U12G-2nd U12G-1st 12:55 TL-Comm
U14B U14B-Win U14B-1st 13:50 TL-Kinsmen
U14P U14P-Win U14P-1st 14:05 TL-Comm
U16G U16G-4th U16G-3rd 15:00 TL-Kinsmen
U14R U14R-4th U14R-3rd 15:15 TL-Comm
U16G U16G-2nd U16G-1st 16:10 TL-Kinsmen




It will be a busy weekend for all of our partnering communities, and each of their respective community centers and business areas.

Play it. Love it. Live it.


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